Hildes Lingerieblog

Hildes LingerieblogThe idea for Hildes Lingerieblog comes from my wife, Hilde, and dates back from early 2009. She always had (and still has) a big interest in lingerie and swimwear. She wanted to tell the world about what she discovered, but didn’t find a way to do that.

2009 was also the year in which blogging became really popular in Belgium. A lot of blogs appeared in that year (only to disappear again soon afterwards). Hilde decided to create such a blog as well (initially with the idea of adding a webshop to it soon as well). The initial setup was a Blogspot blog, as we wanted to have her on the web asap without spending a lot of time on a website for which success was unsure. Unlike a lot of other bloggers at that time, Hilde hold on and even while it’s not always easy to maintain a good writing/publishing speed, her blog is still exists and nowadays has more visitors then ever before. The idea of a webshop though, isn’t realized so far.

Now, I admire my wife when it comes to creativity on writing articles, finding new products, finding the best picture and so on… But let’s be fair: if she had to deal with the technical part of the website herself, chances are it would just be a white page with black letters containing a never ending text.
That’s where I came into the picture (like in every good movie the hero only shows up after a little while 🙂 ): I saw her blog gained a quite constant stream of visitors, so it seemed to me it was worth the effort of improving her blog. I decided to give a helping hand by transforming her Blogspot into a WordPress blog and I activated and modified some plugins for her. After a little while a change in layout was required and I made sure adding a new article was not a hassle for her.
You can see the result on www.hildeslingerieblog.be