Woow, it’s been almost 2 years since I posted my last post. A real shame. Well, quite some things have changed since. Let me start with the most easy one: I dropped Belgiandelicacies.com. I had no time anymore to work on the project and I get more and more convinced about the importance of focussing on 1 thing (not that I already succeed in doing that, but OK, I try 🙂 ).

Dropping Belgiandelicacies.com was a pretty hard decission: it was the first e-project I ever started working on. At that time, the idea was still to create a webshop to supply the entire world with Belgian chocolates and beers. Back in 2002-2003 there was not yet that much out there. Nowadays, I wouldn’t try that again: there is way to much competition for Belgian products (both online and offline) and margins are so low, that it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort anymore.

Besides: even if it would have been a good-running e-project, I still hope I can tell my grandchildren something different then „I sold chocolate bars to the US, despite half of them being melted upon arrival” 🙂 So, I took the hard decision and pulled that plug.

I still have the website’s archive, though. Just in case I would ever…. Nope, I won’t 🙂 Johan