Time for another update on this project: the developers working on the website have reached the last part of major modifications to be done.
However there will still be need for minor modifications to be done prior to launch, I am pretty excited to see that we are finally in this stage.
One question I often ask myself is: Why did this development take so long? Had it to do with the developers or was I the cause for this long development time? At this point in time, I am not able to give a clear answer on this question, but I do realize that the scope of this project has changed during the course of its development. (And admit: who’s project is not changing through development?). More specifically, I was (and somehow I still am) struggling between 2 advices I got in the past and that up to today still seem very contradictory to me: one experienced guy said to me: “Start your website in a simple way, don’t add to much bells and whistles right from the beginning and grow over time”. Another very experienced guy told me the opposite: “Make sure your website is working perfectly and providing your customers with all services your business stand for right from day 1, or disappointed customers will leave and never come back. That’s how Internet works.”.
I believe there is some truth in both, but I am still wondering which advice I better follow the most for any future Internet projects…

Anway, I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the Florida Holiday Rental project!