Belgian Delicacies

belgiandelicacies.comBelgian Delicacies ( is a website I started a couple of years ago. Initially the goal was to make it a webshop for Belgian beers and chocolates.
However, at that time I lacked the money and time needed to make it a real and profitable business. After a couple of years, I was tired of just paying the annual domainname fees and decided to do something more with the website. The Belgian Delicacies blog was born!

With the blog I wanted to share my experiences with Belgian beers, chocolates, candy,…. with my readers. In 2011 and early 2012, the number of visitors for the blog was rising, but so was the time it took for writing a beer review.
As I wanted to focus fully on the Florida-project, I decided to put Belgian Delicacies in the fridge 🙂 for a little while. I already have an idea on how it should evolve, but it will take me some more time to realise it. In the meanwhile the blog posts from the past are still available. Cheers!