belgiandelicacies.comIn the previous version of my personal blog, I wrote about a url I bought some years ago, but which was pretty much unused until now. I am talking about the website: The original idea was to make it a webshop specialised in Belgian beers. But, as the business plan revealed, the idea wasn’t viable and we decided to get the idea out of our heads. However, we never cancelled the domainname.
At the other side, on a cosy weekend evening, I like to be in the living room, enjoying a nice beer while watching a movie or something. I am not talking about the regular lagers, but about our real Belgian specialities. On a certain moment, I thought it might be a good idea of sharing my experiences with these beers on the web. So, I started by downloading WordPress and modifying it. Soon, I will launch my blog on the domain above. At that moment, all details will become clear. (A little secret, so there is at least something to look forward to.
If you would like to take a look already on how the blog is going to look like, checkout