hildeslingerieblog.beAs some of you might know in the meantime, Hilde has her own blog on the topic of lingerie, bathing suits and men underwear. Lately we experienced that the layout of the blog was a little bit “passé” and we decided to give it a nice update.
After some trial-and-error attempts locally, we were able to give the blog a nice update: a menu bar was added, the blog space was made broader, the menu was made broader (allowing us to add little You Tube movies into it) and a poll functionality was added.
We also experienced the “Add to any” buttons were only used to add articles to Facebook, so we decided to replace all buttons with the well known “I like this” button.
So far the result can be seen on www.hildeslingerieblog.be (unfortunately only in Dutch).

We have one more functionality we want to add at this moment and we are also thinking about ways to make this site a little bit more commercial. I’ll keep you informed!