Ok guys, I’ve been away for some weeks, but it’s time to provide you with an update now. For the moment just some bullet points. I will provide you with more information soon:
  • First of all, I left my job as financial controller. I did so for various reasons, but the mainly to be able to focus on my business projects.
  • I decided to launch a beta version of the website on the Florida project, even while not all modules have been finished yet. But before doing so, I want to make sure translations are added and the legal matters are verified. This beta version should be online by February 21st.
  • For the moment I continue with the Apple courses I’m giving. I really like to give these courses and it also forces me to stay tuned on whatever happens on the OS X platform.
  • And we decided that this year we would make a large US-trip (under the condition the Florida project succeeds).
More information will come soon!