Since quite a while, I’ve been running around with the idea of replacing the The current website has quite some disadvantages: it’s entirely written in the Dutch language, mostly in basic HTML and CSS and the layout is absolutely not adjusted for viewing on bigger screens or in lower resolutions. Because of my positive experiences with WordPress lately, I was convinced that WordPress was the way to go. And so, I started…
With the help of some books (actually: “WordPress 3 Complete” by A. H. Silver and “WordPress for Dummies”) I started to transform the standard WordPress theme (curse the guy who invented this ugly looking thing!) into a website with a nice layout that fulfilled my expectations. For quite some time, things went pretty well, until I started to experiment too much and realized only too late that my only backup of the website (including database) was hard-deleted by accident. So, there I was: my nice layout was entirely screwed and also the MySQL database seemed a bit damaged.
Then, although it took about 3 days of my precious time to do so, I learned this wonderful lesson: “When you screw things up, don’t be too shy to admit it and start over again”. If I would have done so right away, I would have saved myself 3 frustrating days in which I desperately tried to restore something that would already have been solved if I just started rebuilding the site from scratch again.

In terms of time-management, I it’s an important lesson I just learned!

See you,