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Long time no see

Woow, it's been almost 2 years since I posted my last post. A real shame. Well, quite some things have changed since. Let me start with the most easy one: I dropped Belgiandelicacies.com. I had no time anymore to work on the project and I get more and more convinced...

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Belgian Delicacies: Duvel: much more than beer!

I discovered a very nice webshop containing quite some Duvel gadgets. (Yes, Duvel, the famous Belgian beer we even found in a small shop next to a gas station in an almost abandoned city in upper Florida). As this nice webshop is also the official webshop and contains...

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Holiday in Florida?

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Seeing outside the box: Freakonomics

This is one of the books I was really looking forward to, to read, for a very long time. I was doubting quite often if I should order it, but when I found it at a Books-A-Million store in Florida, I couldn't resist any longer. I started reading it on holiday, but I...